6 exceptional artwork inspired by A Clockwork Orange

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Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian masterpiece. A horrifying adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ eponymous novel, it’s an excellently crafted satirical film of a futuristic police state. Technically and philosophically, at par with 2001, it continues to be one of Kubrick’s most acclaimed films. It not only confronts us with such diverse themes such as freewill, morality and anarchy, it depicts a stimulating allegory about the ill-effects of technology and experimental therapies.

Walter (later Wendy) Carlos’ chilling music and John Alcott’s gorgeous cinematography were perfectly complemented by Kubrick’s virtuoso direction. The film’s myriad motifs, colourful set design and vivacious characters have been a part of pop culture for decades. Here are six such user-made artwork inspired by the film.

1. Singin’ in the rain

Artist Credit: subdio27.deviantart.com/
Artist Credit: subdio27.deviantart.com/

Perhaps one of the most disturbing scenes in the history of cinema, Alex sings the song from the Gene Kelly classic while raping a woman. A typographic digital artwork depicting the aforementioned.

2. A citrus pun

Artist Credit: splattedlotus.deviantart.com/
Artist Credit: splattedlotus.deviantart.com/

Alex DeLarge, caricatured in a visual pun with the hat, the eyelash and the whole shebang.

3. Sunday Bloody Sunday

Artist Credit: rabittooth.deviantart.com

A Georges Seurat and Stanley Kubrick alliance: Alex and his “ultraviolent” droogs infused into Seurat’s Un dimanche après-midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte – 1884

4. The Ludovico Technique

Artist Credit: Eikoojala
Artist Credit: Eikoojala

Cardboard art featuring a tormented, incapacitated Alex.

5. Got Milk?

Artist Credit: Danny Nicholas
Artist Credit: Danny Nicholas

Bart and his droogs, readying themselves for some “ultraviolence.” Nope, I do not mean the Lana Del Rey album.

6. D’oh!

Artist Credit: Danny Nicholas
Artist Credit: Danny Nicholas

Homer, drunk and having sought refuge in a gutter under a pedestrian underpass, has no idea what he is in for.


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