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This blog was born from the unremitting pleas and coercion from friends and sympathisers. This is a direct result of their votes of confidence and I’m delighted that you found this dimunitive cluster of data among the ceaseless bounds of the internet.

This is not going to be a niche blog but rather a place to share my thoughts and opinions on various issues, subjects and categories. Art, sports, film, pop culture, etymology, post-modernism, nihilism and any -ology or -ism on which I can write adeptly. In the end of the day, if you, the reader, can relate to a topic or theme discussed in the blog, I would have done my job.

So, I thank all of you.

(Except the soulless cyberbullies who will inevitablly post some harsh comment or mean tweet. Greetings, faceless perpetrator, there are better ways to cope with your low self-esteem. Your anonymity is an illusion and will never help you fit in with your peers. So, go get some help or go f**k yourselves.)


  1. A friend referred me to your blog. And I gotta say, this is definitely worth a follow – great job, love all your pieces. You have an interesting perspective on things. The compilation of beautiful artwork is an added bonus.

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  2. I have become a huge fan of yours ever since reading your firstpost article of Daniel day Lewis, been looking for Prahlad srihari all over the internet ever since. Keep up the great work man.
    Would love to get in touch if possible.
    Fellow culture Nerd

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